What is mdxcv?

Published 2023-08-16 by Michael Leung

In short, mdxcv is a tool for job seekers and recruiters. Think of mdxcv as a simpler LinkedIn. No humble bragging, no glamorization of hustle culture - just build your resume if you want a job or search for a resume if you want to hire people.

mdxcv was first created by Michael Leung, me, in 2023 because I wanted an easy-to-use tool to build my resume with Markdown. Markdown is a simple set of syntax for formatting text and is universally used by developers to write documentation, so I thought "If this is used to document complex systems, it's good enough to document my work experience for my next resume!" Since the terms "CV" and "resume" are practically interchangeable when job searching, I came up with the name "mdxcv" as it was short for "Markdown x curriculum vitae".

I built the first MVP for mdxcv in three months and showed it to Hacker News to seemingly no one's excitement. Since then I have continued to refine mdxcv as a side project and have kept expenses low to keep the service running for the foreseeable future.

Want to build your next resume or find your next hire on mdxcv? Let me know how I can best help you by emailing Michael Leung at mileung+mdxcv@proton.me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!